Axel HATCHUEL, pianiste


Immersed from an early age by a grandfather who was a pianist and composer and a father who was a pianist, Axel Hatchuel has always shown a real sensitivity for music and especially the piano.

Following a childhood divided between music and high-level combat sports, he joined the National Police in 2005 and in 2008 joined a specialized intervention group. He is the subject of numerous letters of congratulations and awards. He was decorated and awarded a medal for act of courage and devotion in 2009.

In 2010, he laid down his arms and returned to his first love, the piano.

He immersed himself intensely in the world of his musical heroes: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Liszt, Debussy, Rachmaninov, Scriabin, Tchaikovsky, as well as his favourite composer: Frédéric Chopin.

Axel Hatchuel perfected his skills with renowned pianists, including one of the greatest French pianists: Herbert Du Plessis, who describes him as: “A sensitive artist and a musician of rare naturalness. An outstanding pianist who forces admiration for the sincerity of his interpretations, the beauty of his touch and his intelligent sense of phrasing. »

He has taken his music to various places and spaces such as: the Odeon Theatre, the Pleyel Showroom, Piano Salon in Warsaw, the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, the Shangri-La or even the Cité du Cinéma and the Church of Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre.

He has recorded three albums devoted to Chopin, Schubert, Liszt and Tchaikovsky, as well as a fourth in a nocturnal and profound universe that brings together a dozen composers.

At the same time, he also devotes himself to writing and directing audiovisual projects, and has distinguished himself by winning the Festival International de la Ciotat with the humorous series “Appel 17”. He collaborates and appears on screen with other variety artists such as Michel Sardou and Angie Robba or the opera singer David Serrero.

Apart from concerts and other artistic projects, Axel Hatchuel devotes a lot of time to teaching the

piano and guitar, as well as composition.

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